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    SRG Superstar
    P: 7 | T: 8 | A: 10 | S: 5 | SU: 6 | G: 9

    Gimmick: Once a turn roll; If your turn roll is at least 3 less than your opponent’s, look at the top 3 cards of your deck, draw 1 of those cards, bury 1 and flip the other.

    L.F.F. Debut: Dragon Con 2019
    Created By: Royce Flores
    Illustrated By: Nunoh

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    1. xroyceflores

      Do you lose turn rolls? Do you love having lots of cards in your hand when your opponent inevitably pins you? Do you love the moment where you get to reveal your hand at the end of a game and get to say, “Darn, if I had just won a turn roll, I could have done all of these moves to you!”? Then this is the competitor for you. Clobber your time with card draws, knee your opponent’s good luck in the face, and dark your soul to victory… or.. whatever happens when you draw half your deck and still lose.

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