The Phantasm


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SRG Superstar
P: 6 | T: 7 | A: 10 | S: 5 | SU: 9 | G: 8

Gimmick: When you roll your lowest skill for your turn roll; During the next turn your opponent’s cards are considered to have blank text (unless you play a Finish card).

L.F.F. Debut: 2017
Created By: Unknown
Illustrated By: Fladik


Does phantasm effect entrance cards?

No, when referring to cards it specifically refers to cards #1-30 in the deck.

Multiplayer clarification

If multiplayer when the Phantasm’s gimmick triggers they will choose 1 opponent: That opponents cards in hand for spotlight effects used against the phantasm, cards in their discard pile, cards being played against the phantasm, and specifically cards in play against the phantasm will be blank.

Cards in play against others will not.

The flavor of his gimmick is for him to disappear and blend in with his surrounding, not to give others the ability to do so.

Additional information

Choose Art

Original Phantasm, New Phantasm


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