The Dweeb

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    SRG Superstar
    P: 5 | T: 10 | A: 9 | S: 6 | SU: 7 | G: 8

    Gimmick: When your opponent would move a Finish card from their discard pile to any location, it is instead buried.

    Illustrated By: Michael Denoya


    What happens if an opponent shuffles multiple cards from their discard pile into their deck including a finish.

    A: all non finish cards are shuffled into the deck and the finish card is buried. If a card can shuffle multiple cards back but there is only one option and that option is a finish card, that finish card is buried and no shuffling occurs.

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    1. The Dweeb (verified owner)

      If you don’t Respect The Dweeb, then you won’t expect The Dweeb, and when you don’t expect The Dweeb, you get Dweebed!

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