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The 2024 Supershow Cup – Online Event


Sold out!



    Welcome to the 2024 Supershow Cup where the grand prize is not only the honor of winning the most difficult singles event of the year, but you will also get a physical trophy known as the Supershow Cup. GM Calace will be hosting this event and has the final authority over all rulings, tiebreakers, and anything else that may matter related to this event.

    The number of players in this event is unknown at this time, but it will initially be limited to 64 players. There may or may not be any additional slots open if the 64 sells out. Top 32 every match in every round will have a different stipulation.

    Decklists may not be changed during this event from the pod stages through the finals.

    Tiebreakers will be based upon criteria set forth my GM Calace. A playoff game will only be used if GM Calace states it should be used. Head to head match ups and strength in pod schedule may be used to determine the tiebreaker.

    The following schedule must be followed for this event with no exceptions. In the event a player is not able to comply with this schedule they will be eliminated from the event:

    Decklists due – Sunday, February 25th
    Pod matches due – Sunday, March 17th
    Top 32 matches due – Friday March 29th
    Top 16 matches due – Tuesday, April 9th
    Top 8 matches due – Sunday, April 21st
    Top 4 matches TBD based on if players are attending Grand Gathering IV.

    Prizes for this event are only for the top 16 and will be delivered after the conclusion of the event.