Supershow Board Game Play mat prototype


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    This will be a play mats to play the Supershow board game. It comes with 8 competitors printed on the Mat to choose from. Attached here under is the basic rules for a singles match.

    Race around the ring and hit wrestling moves for a chance to defeat your opponent with your finishing move.

    rules for two Player Singles Match.

    Each player chooses a COMPETITOR and a token and starts on the start space located on the ring steps. Add the total skills listed on your competitor (yellow, purple and blue) lowest total goes first. If it is a tie, decide who goes first by seeing who has the least wins in each color combination. If it’s a tie randomly decide.

    Set the crowd meter to zero and start the match. If you do not have a crowd meter card a d6 is provided to keep track, use 6 A ZERO IN THE BEGINING OF THE MATCH.

    The player who starts the game chooses THEIR opponent (in this case there is only 1) then the roll 2 D6, this is called a TURN ROLL. They advance their token equal to their roll. When you land on a space, the color on the space coordinates with a color on your competitor. Compare the number on your competitor to your opponent’s number of the same color. These numbers are called skills. If your skill is greater than your opponent’s skill of the space color: roll again FOR ANOTHER TURN ROLL. If not, play passes in a clockwise motion to the next player.

    This repeats until a player reaches the TITLE BELT space. When a player reaches the TITLE BELT space, they stop moving and they hit their opponent with a finish ROLL.

    Finish Roll: The player who reaches the TITLE BELT space rolls 1 D6. This result, plus the current value of the CROWD METER is the FINISH ROLL. Their opponent that they

    targeted has 3 BREAKOUT ROLLS. They roll a d6 3 times, if the value of ANY INDIVIDUAL BREAKOUT ROLL is greater than or equal to the FINISH ROLL, the opponent breaks out

    and the game continues, the CROWD METER is increased by 1 and play passes clockwise to the next player.


    COMPETITOR: The Character you choose to play as.

    SKILL: The colors and numbers combination on your COMPETITOR CARD.

    TURN ROLL: A player chooses an opponent and rolls 2 d6 then advances that many spaces. If their skill that matches the color of the space landed on is greater than their chosen opponent’s skill of the same color they take another turn roll. If not, you may play 1 card from your hand and passes clockwise..

    FINISH ROLL: The FINISH ROLL is the chance to win the game, it happens when a player reaches the TITLE BELT space ,they stop on this space regardless of any remaining value on their turn roll. The roll 1 D6 and add the value of the CROWD METER to their result. Their chosen opponent has 3 BREAKOUT ROLLS to tie or beat that result.

    BREAKOUT ROLL: When a player rolls a FINISH ROLL, the selected opponent has 3 BREAKOUT ROLLS to tie or beat the FINISH ROLL. When the BREAKOUT ROLL ties or beats a FINISH ROLL, the CROWD METER increases by 1 the game continues and passes clockwise.

    TAGGING IN: If your playing a match where you use multiple competitors like a survivor match or tag team match when you roll doubles you may switch your active competitor with another competitor on your team. That new competitor that was tagged in lands on the space you were currently on. If you were on the title belt space they roll again.

    Multiplayer: Triple threat / fatal 4 ways ect: At the start of your turn, select your target before rolling your turn roll. When your turn ends, play passes to the passes clockwise, it does not pass to the target.

    Saving players:

    When a player rolls for a breakout roll, other players in the match who did not hit the finish may roll save rolls with them. If the save roll number matches the breakout roll number the values are combined.

    You can play both first fall and elimination. In first fall the first play to score a pin-fall off a finish roll wins, in elimination last player standing wins, players are eliminated when they do not breakout of a finish roll.


    The current boards specifically selected competitors that interact with each other well, IF YOU ARE Choosing competitors outside of the pre select competitors,

    Do not use competitors who’s strike grapple and submission skills is 26 or greater, or 19 or less, this may make it nearly impossible to have an interactive match. Look for competitor’s between 20-25 for a sweet spot.

    Coming soon!

    Drawing cards and keeping cards in your hand

    LFF spaces: LFF spaces keep the excitement in the game.

    When you pass an LFF space your opponent draws 1 card.

    You cannot have more then 2 cards in their hand / in play

    If you draw a card and have 3 cards in hand / play you must choose and discard 1

    When You pass the start space discard the cards in your hand.

    During your turn When you land on a space and your skill is not greater than your opponents skill of that space color you may play 1 card.

    Objects stay in play until you pass the start space they are still considered in your hand for your max of 2 cards.

    Actions stay are revealed and can be used one time. They are discarded when used or when you pass the start space. They are still considered in your hand.

    Maneuvers: when played the effect happens immediately