Steel Chain Deck (crowd meter out of stock)


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    Introducing the ultimate weapon in your arsenal, the steel chain deck for Supershow the Game! Unleash a flurry of devastating steel chain attacks, ensuring your opponents feel the wrath with every strike. And to up the ante, a new terror skull competitor joins the fray, ready to dominate the ring with their brutal chain-wielding skills. But beware, the steel chain crowd meter amplifies the excitement as the audience roars with every bone-crushing blow, making this deck an unstoppable force in the Supershow world. Get ready to unleash mayhem and claim victory with the power of the steel chain!

    Comes with a random steel chain themed crowd meter

    (Currently comes with beast unchained)

    2 random skill cards

    1-27 steel chain themed cards

    Some decks randomly have a bonus 3 finishes and or a full art steel chain uprising

    Terror skull competitor card