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    Global Division Characters are playable.

    07/15/2024 12:00 AM

    The winner will receive a shot at the Global Championship. The only booked list is the current Champion Kenny Omega, and the 3 characters selected by the 3 previous SRG1 Winners SRG1 1 Shane Strickland SRG1 2 John Mathys SRG1 3 Gary Schneider I will add their selections to this post once they have been made.
    The format of the Main Blocks Stage will be the same as the G1 2 Blocks of 10 players who play each other once. The top 3 from each  Block advanced to a single elim bracket with the winners of each block getting a bye into top 4.
    Preliminary Stage- If we have more than 20 sign-ups then we will have prelims depending on how many sign-ups we will either have 8 groups with the top 2 of each plus the highest scoring 3rd place player(play-in match if there’s a tie) to give us 17 to fill out the 20.
    If there is any diversity I will do my best to separate them and have any potential diversity playoffs after the prelims, I will inform players of any diversity and ask if they wish to change.
    The only stipulation will be Dark Match with Singles match cm0 kick-out rule for all preliminary and diversity matches.
    The timeline is as follows
    Now-July 14th Sign-Ups
    Preliminary Round will be 2 weeks(If necessary)
    Diversity Play-off Round will be 1 week(If necessary)
    The Blocks Round will be 4 weeks because i know some cons are coming up and I’m gonna give you guys plenty of time to play 9 games.
    The Bracket will be 3 weeks total 1 for each round(Top 6/Top 4/Finals)