Riga-Tony’s Murder Mystery Pack 3 per order.


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    Limit 3 per customer

    Any additional purchase over 3 will be donated to fill the van and additional items will not be shipped out.

    This comes with

    1 2021 Halloween deck with Pop goes Punk Katy Kitty

    1 randomly inserted competitor (this can be any version of the King of Cosplay Mikal Mosley, possibly autographed on an hard sleeve, The AC Underlords (with a COK),Akira Takeda with The Apex trio and Strike finish or Lord Garuth.

    1 Embrace the Madness

    1 random Halloween skill card

    1 random foil

    Boss beats, freeze don’t move, high impact suplex, khaos guest valet, Switcheroo Supersnap Brain Buster, Suplex, or loaded gut punch

    All of these will be shipped when the item is sold out.

    Happy Halloween


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