Random – Payoff Pack 2022 wave 2 Foil


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    The Payoff Pack comes with everything one player not only needs to join the LFF, but also to be a Main Event Star. This pack can help one player start playing Supershow or take an existing player to the next level. This pack includes the following RANDOM contents:

    1x #1 – #27 card deck

    3x Competitor Sets

    1x Entrance Card

    1x Spectacle Card

    2x Skill Requirement Cards

    1x FOIL CARD (2021 Wave 1 Foil)

    Kendo stick alt

    Steel chair

    Ring steps

    Friends and rival



    Restorative potion #8

    Escape potion #9


    Arm drag

    Rear chin lock

    A powerful impact


    Gut wrench

    American dragon Drop

    Abdominal stretch

    Power bomb alt

    Destiny’s call Alt


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