Random – Mr. Rey’s Mystery Box Guaranteed 2021 Wave 2 Foil


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    Get 2 random Supershow decks, 2 dice, 4 random Competitors, 4 promo cards, a random 2021 Wave 2 foil competitor set and a chance at an Autographed card!

    These boxes can contain out of print cards, older print runs, along with brand new FOIL CARDS AND COMPETITORS (as announced on Talk of the Universe 7/7/21). Those include:

    Candyman Dan 

    Derby Dames

    Dr. Jake Hill

    The Frequent Flyer 

    Impact (Trio) 

    King Kong Dundy 

    Luna Hallows

    Macho Manny 

    Mr. Poppin twist

    The Norseman 

    Rara Pere

    The Collector


    Also a RARE chance at getting:

    Alien Invader 8 bit

    Luna Hallows 8 bit 

    Drunken Master 


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