Random – Mr. Rey’s Mystery Box – PRE Order will ship when sold out 30 Each box will come with an random foil competitor in them, plus a 2020 single card foil. There will be 1 Champion of Kickstarter Randomly Inserted. “Bonus” foils could instead be 2021 foils; Mr. Rey, Wooly Bully ALT, includes 3 Lissa Lignatts will be randomly inserted! Bonus foil single cards are lariats, dropkick alt, fallaway slam alt and double arm bar alt. Plus random TLC Random autographs inserted. No dice included. This deal is not for retail stores + random prizes


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    Get 2 random Supershow decks, 2 dice, 4 random Competitors, 4 promo cards, a random foil competitor set and a chance at an Autographed card!

    The Magnificent Mr. Rey is also going to be exclusive to randomly being entered in this boxes.

    These boxes can contain out of print cards, older print runs, along with brand new cards.

    *Currently these come in a wrapper not a box.

    ***Warning: These mystery items may contain one OOP competitor. This competitor’s card stock and quality may differ from the current card. Some competitors may come with generic finishers.***


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