Random – Mr. Rey’s Mystery Box 2024


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    Yea Get 2 random Supershow decks, 2 dice, 4 random Competitors, 4 promo cards, a random 2022 Wave 1 foil competitor set and a chance at an Autographed card!

    These pull from our set 1-27 card deck pool .

    These boxes can contain out of print cards, older print runs, along with brand new FOIL CARDS AND COMPETITORS (as announced on Talk of the Universe 01/05/22). Those include:

    Current foil competitor.

    Nadja mai foil cardy art

    Gm Calace (new)

    Flip Gordon + ( flip 5 Foil)

    Eevee Laveux

    Johan Silbelius

    Penelope Mai( cardy art)

    New Srg b-o double s (new gimmick)

    Terror Skull

    Witch Hunter General

    Plus hidden foils!

    New foils added

    Dr Jake hill

    The Brian player of the year

    Swaggy d

    Sweet innuendos

    Joker fish