Random – Mr. Rey’s Mystery Box 2023


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    Get 2 random Supershow decks, 2 dice, 4 random Competitors, 4 promo cards, a random 2022 Wave 1 foil competitor set and a chance at an Autographed card!

    These boxes can contain out of print cards, older print runs, along with brand new FOIL CARDS AND COMPETITORS (as announced on Talk of the Universe 01/05/22). Those include:

    Current foil competitor guarantees.

    The Oracle

    The Oracle Red hair finishes

    Brian Wait for it Schmidt Black and white competitor

    White Lilly 2.0

    Shade Alt Art

    The Brain Trust Trio

    Sweet Innuendos

    The Brain Chibi Version

    Rev Goodbrains

    Jean Constance

    Jerk of Cirque

    Brett the Metal head

    Mr C

    Ultimate Grump