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    Scallywager has arrived! This amazing pirate theme games combines the ancient game of liars dice with hunting treasure and going on adventures. It has the perfect balance of bluffing, skill, and random card effects to make this a must have for all fans! Like all SRG Universe games Scally eager is very easy to learn and incredibly fun to play, act fast as there are only 100 copies available for pre-order. These copies will ship upon arrival at the end of April or the beginning of May 2023.


    35 Dice (Crew mates) 1 Flag icon 5 Captain Screens 34 treasure cards 36 adventure cards

    Object of the Game: Rule the 5 Sea’s of Captain’s Pinnacle by eliminating all other Captains Crewmates through cunning bidding, adventure and treasure cards,


     Each player chooses a captain screen and places them in the play area in front of them along with 5 dice. Shuffle the Adventure deck and place it face down in the middle of the play area. Shuffle the Treasure deck and place it next to the Adventure deck. Randomly choose a captain to go first (roll a die, rock/paper/scissors, duel with rapiers, etc) and place the flag icon in front of the winner.

     Playing the Game:

     The Captain with the flag has priority to use any treasure

    Each Captain rolls their dice (make sure the other players cannot see them!) and hide them in their ship’s cargo hold behind the screen.

    The Captain with the Flag begins the bidding to determine the winner of the turn.


    How bidding works:

    1.  The active player must place a bid on the minimum number of dice of a specific number they think are on the table (from all dice combined in each ship).


    Example: The first Captain wagers a bid by declaring “three 2’s”. This means that the Captain is betting that there are at least three “2”s amongst all the dice under the ships.


    2.  The player to the active player’s left may now take one of three options

    a.   Raise the bid. The next player to act may raise the bid by declaring that there are at least four “2”s, or they may declare the same number of dice or more for a higher number such as four “2”s or three “5”s. Bidding continues in a clockwise rotation. A player cannot bid a lower amount of dice or bid an amount of dice on the number “1” as they must raise one of the two variables.

    b.  Call out the Scallywagger. If a player accuses the bidder of a Scallywagger, they are declaring the active bid to be false. All players reveal their dice to determine one of two possible outcomes: The bid is either confirmed or the bid is proven false.

                                                                  i.      Bid is confirmed: If the bid is correct, the captain that  called out on Scallywagger loses one crew mate (They forfeit one of their dice). The captain that placed the valid bid will then draw one card from either the Treasure deck or the Adventure deck. Pass the flag clockwise and play continues.

                                                                ii.      Bid is proven false: If a captain calls Scallywagger  and proves the bid to be false, the captain who placed the bid loses one crew mate (die). The captain that called correctly spotted a Scallywager draws one card from the treasure deck or the adventure deck. Pass the flag clockwise and play continues.

    c.   Call for a Parlay and declare an “exact” bid. Any captain (when it is their turn to bid) may declare the last bid is an exact quantity of dice with a specific number such as “four “5”s or seven “6”s. When this occurs, the bidding process stops and all dice are revealed with two possible outcomes:

                                                                  i.      If the “Parlay” bid is correct, every player except the bidder loses one crew mate. The bidder may draw one card from either deck and play continues clockwise.

                                                                ii.      If the “Parlay” bid is incorrect, the bidding captain loses two crew mates. Since an exact bid stops the bidding process, the player who placed the last bid prior to the exact bid draws one card from the deck of their choice. 




    Treasure Cards.

    Treasure cards represent the booty Captains collect from their exploits. When drawn, treasure cards are placed face up next to the player’s ship. Some treasure cards stay in play indefinitely while other treasure cards have one time effects. Treasure cards with one time effects can only be used prior to the start of bidding (unless the card states otherwise). The active player has priority to use the first Treasure card effect with priority passing clockwise. Once all players decline to utilize an effect, the bidding phase begins. If the Treasure deck is empty, shuffle the discard pile into the Treasure Deck.[js2] 


    Adventure Cards.

    Adventure cards represent high risk/high reward swashbuckling gambling at its finest. When a Captain chooses to draw from the Adventure deck, they draw 1 card and keep it concealed next to their ship. When the next round of Bidding starts, a player with a concealed Adventure Card has until the end of that betting round to reveal the Adventure Card and use its effect. Adventure cards are discarded at the end of the turn. If the Adventure deck runs out of cards, shuffle the discard pile into the Adventure Deck. [js3] 


    Winning the Game.

    A Captain wins the game when no other player has CREW MATES left in their ship.



    This pre-order comes with

    5 screens to conceal your dice with rules listed (card stock)

    1 black flag to keep track of bidding order

    7 blue d6 12mm

    7 caramel d6 12 mm

    7 black marble d6 12mm

    7 green marble d6 12mm

    7 yellow d6

    34 treasure cards

    36 adventure cards

    You are encouraged to use cups or your own concealer to add to game experience.

    Please note that this is a pre order, if you order additional items with this, we will ship your in stock items to you immediately, and you will have to place an order which would include a shipping cost to receive your item. Please consider this, and make 2 separate orders if this is an issue. We will not hold your existing orders with other items until the fulfillment date.

    Sample images above: card text may change in editing.


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