Payoff Pack – 2


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    The Payoff Pack comes with everything one player not only needs to join the LFF, but also to be a Main Event Star. This pack can help one player start playing Supershow or take an existing player to the next level. This pack includes the following RANDOM contents:

    1x #1 – #27 card deck

    3x Competitor Sets

    1x Entrance Card

    1x Spectacle Card

    2x Skill Requirement Cards

    1x FOIL CARD

    Snap punch

    Arm and collar tie up

    Snap headlock

    Snap kick

    Super hip toss

    Elevated arm bar

    Cosmic punch

    All American drop

    Shaking in my boot

    Shoulder block


    Sleeper hold

    Blindside smash

    Panic slam

    Back rake

    Spinning elbow

    Back drop

    Double finger lock

    Loaded gut punch

    Super snap Brain buster


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