Kenpo Kenney

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    SRG Superstar
    P: 5 | T: 9 | A: 7 | S: 10 | SU: 8 | G: 6

    Gimmick: Once on your turn: When you hit a card with “Stomp,” “Strike,” or “Elbow” in the name, you may play an additional card this turn or your next turn roll is +1.

    Illustrated By: Nunoh

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    1. Kenpo Kenney

      Kenpo is the hardest of the softest styles of Karate. It is an American style, created by Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker and Sifu Bruce Lee. Kenpo Kenney is meant to be played by building around several card types, and can be used as aggressive or defensive as needed. He dis well with the Boss Rate 6-Stop challenges, but not well against opponents that make you bury cards (i.e. Ariel Lipstick).

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