Halloween ALT ART deck custom art card


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    The first of the Supershow alt art decks were a huge hit! Did you miss out on being featured in the Kickstarter alt art deck deck? Is Halloween your favorite holiday??? This card design is for you!

    The selected art must be Halloween themed, with no exceptions. Our team has the final say on the art and you will not have the option to switch to a different alternate art.

    You will be contacted with your selection for your card # selection

    Select Strike, Grapple, or Submission and fill out the Created Form to tell us what Halloween themed Art you want on the card. We will take your art and the SRG B-O-Double-S will add it to the 1-30 card Halloween Deck.

    Please fill out the content create form art will feature 2 competitors. Unless otherwise discussed with the team.

    Upon completion of the Halloween themed deck you will receive 3 of your created cards!

    Delivery time is expected to be by Halloween 2021 from time of last card sold.


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