Create Your Own Supershow Tag Team Competitor (Full Set)


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    Help us on our Journey with the best way to be apart of a Spectacle so GRAND, it can only be called the Supershow!

    Create a Tag Team Competitor with 3 tag team finishes in the game and story line.

    This package will get you a custom art work for a Tag Team Competitor, logo drawn into the game by our art team, and three custom tag team finishes for use by your competitor. This card may contain two already produced competitor logos. 3 Sets will be mailed to you and your tag team partner upon completion.

    Tell us about your competitor and our team will create a unique gimmick for your tag team and finishes.

    Allow up to 8 months delivery time to your door depending on your art request.


    In order to keep Supershow fair and balanced when creating a competitor you may only have one gimmick. Ideas that are submitted must be approved by the SRG Universe & the play testing team. No new mechanics or Stops.

    All competitors created by SRG Universe, Inc. (including, but not limited to, likeness, images, artwork, and logos) are the intellectual property of SRG Universe, Inc. These Competitors may not be reproduced or used in any other capacity without the express written consent of SRG Universe, Inc.