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Create-a-Art Drumstick Line – 2024 Juan Pablo Art


Sold out!



    Work with Steve Resk on designing your art on one of the Convention weapon line cards. Your card will be released during 2024, and the timing can vary depending on the card your art goes on.

    The earlier you fill out your create-a-form, the earlier your card will come out (based on convention schedules).

    SRG Artist will create the artwork. It will feature 2 competitors of your choosing, and adding additional competitors comes with an additional cost.

    The artist for this will be Juan Pablo Massa.

    Introducing the Supershow Create Your Own Drum Stick Strike Card! Get ready to rock your way through 2024 with this exciting addition to the Supershow game.

    Designed with our incredible art style by the talented Juan Pablo Massa, each card showcases two dynamic individuals, one wielding drum sticks, capturing the energy and passion of the world of music and hardcore wrestling.

    Throughout the 2024 calendar, these brand new cards will be released at conventions, allowing fans and players to add them to their Supershow decks for an enhanced gameplay experience.

    Unleash the power of rhythm and creativity as you assemble your own Supershow cards with the drum stick theme. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, these unique cards are sure to bring a fresh dimension to your matches and strategic moves.

    Don’t miss out on the chance to be featured on these exclusive collector’s items that embody the spirit of music and competition. Get ready to strike a chord and make your mark on the Supershow with the Create Your Own Drum Stick Strike Card! Limited to 10 cards!