Colt Cabana


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Independent Superstar
P: 5 | T: 8 | A: 6 | S: 7 | SU: 10 | G: 9

Gimmick: Once a turn roll; When you roll Agility you may re-roll.

L.F.F. Debut: 2015
Illustrated By: Nunoh

.Q: When I re-roll my turn roll, does my last roll count in any for any effects

A: No, a re-roll makes like the roll never happened.

Q: What happens if both Colt Cabana and their opponent have a re-roll option at the same time?

A: The player with the highest roll must choose to re-roll or not first, then the other other play has the choice. They may not change their choice after their opponent’s decision. If the rolls are the same, decided who chooses first by a roll off.

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Colt Cabana, Chicago's Own Colt Cabana