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Candice LeRae


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    Indy Superstar
    P: 5 | T: 9 | A: 10 | S: 7 | SU: 6 | G: 8

    Gimmick: At the start of the match when your opponent is a male competitor choose 1, your Strike, Grapple, or Submission skill is +1. When it is not, during your turn when you hit a Follow Up, draw 1 card.

    L.F.F. Debut: 2016
    Illustrated By: Nunoh


    Q:What happens if Candace LaRae is in a multiplayer match with both male and female opponent’s?

    A: If there is a male opponent in the match, you will get the first portion of the gimmick and not the second, regardless if their is a female opponent it the match.

    Q: Does male or female reference the player, of the competitor they are using in the game?

    A: The competitor they are playing.

    Q: How do I know the gender of the competitor being played?

    A: Use your best judgement. If you are unsure ask your local GM for a ruling.