Add Kickstarter Bundle form Comic Book Kickstarter to your existing Kickstarter order




    There were 7 cards you could of added to your Comic Book Kickstarter via a Kickstarter added on. If you are a backer and missed out, or would like to add another this is your last chance to get them.

    These cards are pictured above, 4 of them will NOT be sold on this website, 3 of them will be. Because they are being added to Kickstarter there will not be a shipping charge.

    This offer is exclusives to Kickstarter backers, you just have a valid backer number to receive this product via having it added to your order. If you are not a Kickstarter backer you will not receive the product and we will consider it a gift to our company thank you. Your order must be in by Tuesday March 14th 8pm.


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