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    Indy Superstar
    P: 7 | T: 6 | A: 9 | S: 10 | SU: 5 | G: 8

    Gimmick: Once during your turn; You may discard 1 Submission from your hand to add 1 Follow Up Strike with “Lariat” or “Clothesline” in the name from your discard pile to your hand.

    L.F.F. Debut: 2018
    Illustrated By: Nunoh
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    Q: What happens when my opponent breaks out of the Rite of Passage?

    A: The crowd meter would increase as normal, then increase an additional +2.

    Q: Can I use my gimmick after my opponent breaks out?

    A: Yes, your turn does not end after a breakout, your turn turn ends when you decide to end it or have no other options or effects that you can use.


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