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    Indy Competitor
    P: 6 | T: 7 | A: 10 | S: 8 | SU: 5 | G: 9

    Gimmick: Once during any players turn, when your opponent draws any number of cards you may draw 1 card.

    L.F.F. Debut: 2017
    Illustrated By: Nunoh
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    This is a 4 card Competitor set. It comes with 1 Competitor card, and 3 Finish cards. To utilize this cards in a game you must have an existing Supershow deck.


    Q: When playing as ACH and my opponent wins a turn roll would I draw 1 card?

    A: No, drawing for the turn roll does happens in between turns. Furthermore, gimmicks like The Amazing Red, Or EDM that trigger during a turn roll will not cause ACH to draw 1 card.

    Q: Will I draw a card when I play a card that forces my opponent to draw 1 card like snap punch?

    A: Yes, whenever your opponent physically draws a card during a turn for ANY reason you draw 1 card.

    Q: If I use an entrance card that says “if you ended your turn without playing a card…” then forces my opponent to draw card, would ACH’s gimmick trigger?

    A: No. The turn has already ended, the draw would not happen during the turn.

    Clarifications: ACH looks for the keyword “draw” cards with add the top card of the deck to your hand like Lariat Over the Top, will not trigger the gimmick.



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