Old School Packs

Introducing Old School Packs – a Supershow the Game, wrestling gaming experience like no other! Each pack is a trip down memory lane, featuring a random 1-27 card deck from a diverse card pool of 162 cards, found below. Unveil the thrill of discovering a beautifully foiled card amidst the mix, adding a touch of exclusivity to your collection. What sets this set apart is the surprise factor – inside each pack lies 1 of 12 potential competitors, making each opening a suspenseful and delightful surprise. With Old School Packs, relive the magic of timeless gameplay and immerse yourself in the excitement of wrestling cards and dice!

1 -27 Single Cards - OSP 2

Old School Competitors - OSP 2

1 -27 Single Cards - OSP 1

Old School Competitors - OSP 1