Over the past 6 years, our team has done a great job printing and distributing Supershow the Game, but nobody is perfect, and here is a list of cards that have been misprinted. While some misprints are harmless, others jeopardize game balance and must be addressed. The legal versions of these cards are posted below.

Ariel Lipstick

There are play test versions that were printed and distributed in error where the gimmick reads "When you roll POWER for your Turn or Finish Roll, your opponent buries 2 cards in their hand." The correct wording is above.

16-Big Boot, 17-Sambo Suplex, 18-Surfboard Stretch

These cards were incorrectly printed with Skill Requirements. The correct versions of these cards do not have Skill Requirements, as seen above.

The Immortal Warrior

There are versions of this card that say “Once a turn: you may reveal and bury a follow up in your hand to draw 2 cards.” The above is the correct version. There is also a version with an incomplete sentence. All versions of this card read the above.

Wooly Bully

Incorrect versions of this card were printed with two 10 skills and with the word “or” when it should have been “of.” The above version is the correct version. Only competitors with Skills 5,6,7,8,9, and 10 are legal for play.

20 - Spinebuster

Incorrect versions of this card were printed as #17. The correct version, #20, is seen above.

Highwater Finish: 28 - 4:20 To Yuma

The original version of this card was unclear as to where the opponent buried the cards from. The above text clarifies this.

20 - Panic Slam

There are versions of this card incorrectly printed without a STOP sign.

Le Penguin Finish: 28 - Flying Penguin Press

This card was incorrectly printed without Le Penguin’s competitor logo in the bottom left corner.

09 - Ring Step Uprising

This card was incorrectly printed with an “S” after “Ring Step.” The correct text for this card is: “If stopped, search your deck for 1 card with ‘Ring Step’ in the name and put it on top of your shuffled deck. When your opponent increases their turn roll, draw 1 card.”

Moonsault Leg Drop

The correct version should read "it is +2" instead of "is it +2." No longer question if it is really a +2!

12 - All You Can Eat Ribs and Pork Chops

This card was incorrectly printed as a Follow Up instead of a Lead. The correct version of this card is a Lead.

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